Goldendoodle Ranch
Parents to Goldendoodle puppies
Teddy Bear F1 Golden doodle. Her puppies are F1B golden doodles!! Everyone wants one just like her. Get the next best thing... one of her PUPS!!

Meet Bonnie is a small Goldendoodle. 35 lbs.  Her mother is Ginger my Red Retriever.  Throws Reds and Apricots.
Very sweet loving girl!
Photos Below

Daisy is a F1 Goldendoodle!  Everyone loves Daisy and wants a puppy just like her! 

Meet Mandy! She is our Smaller Golden Retriever! She is a Super Sweet Loving Girl and mother.  pregnant in photo
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This is Dolly! She a Small Goldendoodle mom. She is a Joy! Very laid back and Sweet. She is 17 to shoulders and 28 lbs
 She is pregnant in these pictures so a little chunky in size,just a few days before pups birth , but her hair is longer here than in my other pictures. So you can see coat.

Miley is a F1 Goldendoodle ... these are not that good of pictures I will try to get better ones later. She is a little dirty and matted here.

Meet Beauty!  She is a F1 Goldendoodle.  She is a sweet girl she throws colors of Chocolate, Cream, Black & Golden.
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Lucy Female Mom to F1's    Retired

Meet Lady! She is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She is Lucy's daughter. She is a sweet loving girl. She is a great mom just like her mother.  Excuse shaggy hair on shoulders moms loose a little hair when having pups

Meet Ginger!  She is our True Retriever She will truly fetch until you are worn out. On land and in the water. She is  our pool girl  she will just go swimming whenever she wants to! Photos Below

Meet "Vixi Mae Mae" !  She is a F1 Clumberdoodle. She is a great mother and best friend to my daughter and grandson!
She is a very comical dog and feels it is her job to keep you happy and gives you so much love that you have no choice but to be happy!
Meet Annie!  She is Mother to our smallest Mini she is 25 lbs. Super sweet Annie. Everyone loves her and her puppies
Her hair is clipped in this picture and she is Pregnant.

 Standard Poodle father of our Standard Goldendoodle puppies! Large male 25  inch to shoulder and 60-65 lbs . 

Prince Bentley of the White house he is Sire and is 19inch to shoulder and 28 lbs. He is a Moyen Poodle. Produces Green & Hazel eyes 

Meet Copper! He is a 17" inch moyen poodle    Super sweet little boy!
Photos below
Meet Pirate Jack!  He is a Merle Mini Poodle. He is as sweet as they come!
Photos Below
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