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Goldendoodle Ranch is family-owned, family operated with good ole family quality. I’ve been a professional breeder since my husband and I were married. My husband and I have 36 years of breeding experience. We first began breeding Collies, notably known as the breed that starred as Lassie! Somewhere along the way, we transitioned from Collies to Golden Retrievers & Poodles in the mid to late 1990s. Then we naturally moved into Goldendoodles! We have been breeding Goldendoodles ever since. Our family absolutely adores the breed. Goldendoodles are by far our favorite breed of all time. As a family, we have 36 years of total breeding experience, the majority of those years have been with Goldendoodles. Thankfully this is a family operation. Our kids, Dane & Daysha, have helped us throughout all these years of breeding Goldendoodles. We have passed on all of our knowledge and expertise down to our children, Dane & Daysha. They each have 20 years of experience with Goldendoodles themselves! They have even taken it upon themselves to further their knowledge by attending annual puppy conventions and dog expos. So no matter who’s taking care of you at Goldendoodle Ranch, you’re in good hands.

Goldendoodle Ranch was the first to breed Goldendoodles in the DFW area. We’ve enjoyed watching the growth and popularity of Goldendoodles soar. We’ve watched people who had zero knowledge of the breed, turn into the world’s biggest fans and advocators for doodles. It’s truly been a blessing to witness! Over time we have expanded on our breeds ever so slightly throughout the years. We now also breed Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle) and Clumberdoodles (Clumber Spaniel & Poodle), both breeds are great family dogs as well. We pride ourselves in providing breeds that make great family dogs, breeds we love. Even though we provide families with Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, and Clumberdoodles; we still maintain a top-of-the-line quality in all of our breeding parents.

We provide a variety of doodles. Goldendoodles F1 & F1B: Mini, Small, Medium, & Standard. Bernedoodles F1 & F1B: Mini & Standard. Clumberdoodles F1 & F1B: Mini & Medium. With a variety, we still provide top-of-the-line quality puppies for all of the families that choose to adopt with us here at Goldendoodle Ranch.

Here at Goldendoodle Ranch, we create and bring down our own lines while also hand picking puppy’s that we feel have top-tier qualities and temperaments. For our smaller breeds, we bring them all down in-house. Bringing down smaller breeds takes time and a tremendous amount of patience. The majority of breeders skip a step and outsource to create a mini doodle. The problem with this is that they have limited knowledge of the outsourced ancestry. If a mini is brought down too quickly, it can cause health problems. This is why here at Goldendoodle Ranch, we have gradually brought our doodles down for over a decade to create a wonderfully adorable mini doodle.

With our tremendous knowledge and professionally licensed breeding experience, we can offer a 3-year health guarantee for our puppies. We have an abundance of faith and trust in our puppies’ well-being due to our rigorous process of hand-selected breeding. Come on out and see for yourself! To book an appointment, please refer to our Contact Page, or just call/text (see below):

Connie White: 940-395-5441

Dane White: 940-395-5440

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