Puppy Products + Owner Checklist

Most Important Supplies

Dog Play Pen

Disinfecting Potty area is highly recommended in prevention of Parvo Virus and other Soil living creatures. ( More on Parvo Later) Disinfecting is only required until your puppy has had all of his Parvo/Puppy vaccines needed.
This play pen is recommended as a safe potty zone!

1. if you have a large yard and don’t want to have to disinfect the entire yard,
you can just disinfect inside the play pen and walking area to it.

2. if you are a apartment dweller and need to use this on balcony area for a save potty zone, to avoid puppy squeezing through balcony rails.

3. Another use for play yards is for people who work all day and there is absolutely know way to come home during the day to let puppy out of crate. You can actually attach the play yard to the puppy crate. put food and water bowls on one side of the play yard and newspaper on the other side for potty area. I don’t recommend potty pads they have been chewed up and can get lodged in the intestinal track! Paper goes right through. Place toys inside crate and leave crate door open (you can also clamp crate door to the play yard, so that it doesn’t accidentally get closed and shuts puppy out of his nice bed.)
I only recommend this on days you can’t get home for lunch to let puppy out, or if you have extreme long work hours.

After all vaccines are done and puppy is safe to go other places play yard can be used for when you go camping or when grandma keeps your new fur baby, or store for your pets sibling doodle you will possibly want in future, as all dogs love a buddy!!

Dog Crate

Crate training your dog is the best way to train your dog, because they will need to be in a crate at different points of their lives, like when they go to the vet, when they travel, when they visit other people’s homes, and when they go to get groomed.

Dogs love Dens by giving your dog a crate you have given him a den and he/she will not create one in your house wherever they want to. Puppies may not like it at first but it is for their safety and your furnitures safety. Your dog will appreciate its crate after a while, and you will love your dog more as you will not come home to a chewed up house. Once they come to like it as their bed they will go in it on their own to take naps or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy households, which they sometimes need.

Let the dog sleep in a crate next to your bed, not somewhere far away from you. Dogs are pack animals and they want to be near you. The dog may cry a little for a minute or two, but within 5 minutes, the dog usually snuggles in and goes to sleep. If a dog is crying for a long time, this means the crate is too far away from you, or you’ve left him / her in there too long. The crate needs to be big enough to fit the dog, but not too big, as it will potty in its crate. I like the wire kennels that have the grow with me panel that you can make it small when young and move the panel and make larger as the puppy grows to its actual size.

If you choose to Not have dog in your room with you at night keep them in nearby room that you can hear them whine/Cry if they need to go potty in the night. A box fan is a soothing noise for them or a dryer running in Utility room until they are asleep.

They also have stuffed animals for human babies that have a heartbeat sound, sometimes this works as well, just watch that your puppy does not chew it!

Putting blanket over the crate to give the crate a Den or cave-like feeling of warmth and safety.

Crates/Kennels are also helpful with potty training. Dogs by nature don’t like to potty where they sleep so keep the grow with me panel moved to the size your puppy is to lay down, stand up turn around and lay down again, if it is any bigger they will be tempted to potty in crate. Generally will only potty in a small area it they are left to long. After a puppy eats and drinks you need to take them out to potty in 10-20 min. do not let them just run around during that time as they may expel before you get to them. Hold them or put them in their Crate/Kennel for that waiting time.
More tips on training on our Training page.

Bleach Water Sprayer

Fill this up with 1/4 Cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. Don’t overdo the bleach. Protect your dog’s potty areas with bleach to keep it from getting illnesses. Great during the quarantine time before it’s had all it’s puppy vaccines. I use this type of bleach sprayer for all my disinfecting puppy needs :

Dog Doorbells or Potty Bell

★Dog Training Bells are the perfect solution to toilet train your lo

vely pet. It is proven to be an Easier, Better Way for your dog to communicate Instead of barking & scratching.
Dog doorbells.Doggie Potty Training Doorbells ,Supply Easier and Better Communications between you and you lovely Dogs!
We have found that the main reason people fail a potty training is…. failing to teach your puppy how to tell you when he or she needs to go potty!
So how does it work?

STEP 1: Hang the bells on the door you use to take your dog out. You can also hang them on a hook next to the door a suitable hook can be found at any hardware store. Hanging on the door seems to help relate ringing sound to door opening, as they learn how to ring it. When puppies are very young and can’t hold it very long you don’t want to spend time learning how ring the bell and them have a accident. So keeping bell on door helps relate to the door opening and as puppy can hold it longer move to step forward to training step 2.




STEP 2: Whenever you take your dog out, allow the dog to move or otherwise interact with the bells. When he/she does so, ring the bells and state a command associated with going outside. I love the words “Go Potty” its simple. Provide positive verbal feedback and take your dog out. Example “Good boy/girl for ringing the Potty Bell” in a sweet gushy voice!

STEP 3: Repeat the process, always giving the same command
and praise. Make sure that you don’t distract your dog from going to the bathroom byplaying after you take him/her outside. If you’re going outside to play, don’t use the bells. After a few weeks of this routine, most dogs will
begin ringing the bells on their own. When they do so, it is VERY IMPORTANT to take them out right away
to reinforce the conditioning.
*More tips on potty training on our training page
* You can purchase these on Amazon or on Ebay.

Royal Canin Food – Large-size / Maxi Puppy

We recommend Royal Canin Food for the large sized puppy.

Puppy Soothing

Dogs are social animals and they like to hear noises, especially when they are left alone. You can play Looney Tunes cartoons for your puppy and it makes them feel like people are around. You can also play soothing music that will help them to relax.
Puppies also like movies that are lots about puppies like “Air Buddies”
It’s okay to keep it quiet at night, especially if the pen is near your bed. You can go on about your life, and the puppy will learn to stay in its crate right next to you.

Basic Supplies Needed for Your New Puppy

  • Food Bowls
  • High Quality Puppy Food

We use Royal Canin

  • Toys & Chew Toys
  • Blanket or Bed
  • Baby Gates, Crate or X-Pen
  • Grooming Tools
  • Health Supplies & Supplements

We require NuVet Plus vitamins and give ordering information upon puppy pick up.

  • Training Tools (Leash & Collar)
  • Name Tag, Collar, Training harness & Leash (Safety Tools)
  • Tools for the Road..Seatbelt and Car Seat Cover
  • Doggy Approved Cleaning Supplies
  • Time & Love

Shampoo, Conditioner & Cologne

I love the PETSILK brand they have a tear free puppy shampoo,if kids are helping bathe the puppy/dog this is a good choice as less worrisome on adults, They have the best whitening shampoo that’s great to for white dogs.
They have great conditioners to go with the shampoo
I personally buy the large gallon of reg. PetSilk shampoo and just avoid the eyes.
For busy times they have a waterless shampoo, & clean scent cologne.
PetSilk can be purchased at pet stores or online at many pet shopping sites
On a cheaper budget. I love VO5 Kiwi scent conditioner it makes dogs smell great!

Dawn Soap

Dawn soap is great for washing your dog after you’ve been outside. Kills fleas and ticks if left on coat for a few min.
Don’t use all the time as it will dry skin out.